Deanna Morae

Singer | Songwriter | Guitarist | Actress

Deanna MoraeDeanna Morae is a soul-grabbing singer, songwriter, guitarist, actress and entrepreneur who values authenticity and meaningful connections.

Deanna taught herself to play the guitar at age 12 while growing up in Avilla, IN. She attended Anderson University for music, voice and liberal arts and Herron School of Art in Indianapolis to study photography and graphic design. She made Indianapolis her home in 1991 and continues to write songs that come from her heart.

Deanna’s philosophies on life are reflected in her music as she allows the harmonies and light to flow through her to spark joy and inspiration for audiences. She enjoys playing solo and with bands in concert venues, outdoor festivals, private functions and bars. Contact Deanna directly to find out how to book for your event.

“Deanna has a way of connecting emotionally through her music that is so powerful. Watching her perform, you can feel her ability to grab your soul. You will leave the performance feeling uplifted and inspired in life,” said Gloria, a fan of Deanna’s music since 2010.

In addition to her musical career, Deanna Morae is the founder and owner of Blissology, an educational company that helps couples grow their love, connection, and passion by practicing techniques that strengthen their brain-body connections. Her mission when teaching Blissology seminars is to “do good, be good and create good in the world.” Learn more about Blissology at

Deanna is inspired by integrity, compassion, authenticity, and diving deep into what’s real in our collective souls. She likes to skip the small talk and get to the stuff that matters, and is driven by an intense desire to connect, inspire and delight audiences by speaking to matters of the heart.

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