Deanna Morae – Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Guitar
Originally from Avilla, IN, Deanna moved to Indianapolis in 1991. She began her formal education at Anderson University to study music, voice and liberal arts. She later transferred to Herron School of Art in Indianapolis to study photography and graphic design. As life began to interrupt her dreams of a full-time musician, she took some time to raise her two daughters and pursued a full-time job with a local Indianapolis firm.
Deanna, a self taught guitar player, first picked up the instrument at age 12. Her songs come from her heart and tend to be very thought provoking.
“I leave no stone unturned when searching for the solutions that I desire,” says Deanna. “I am very determined and also have a great deal of faith in the music that I play and write, as well as the people I work with.”

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A big THANK YOU to everyone that contributed to the album and a special THANKS to the following band members:

Jim Newell – Bass Guitar, Background Vocals
Jim has been playing for longer than he can remember. He loves playing a wide variety of styles, from rock to blues to jazz. Previously he’s been with local groups; The Meatball Band, Midwest Highway, Johnny Lee Way, Simply Tony, The Good Earth Band and more. Playing upright and electric bass, he still plays nearly 80 nights a year in various groups and settings.

Kathy Ryan – Keys, Background Vocals
Kathy Ryan, an Illinois native, has been playing the piano since she was six years old. She traveled to Asahikawa, Japan, in her senior year and played in several recitals and competitions, as well as playing keyboards in her first rock band. During her undergraduate studies in piano at Illinois State University, she continued to perform all over the Midwest, as both a soloist and as an accompanist. Kathy now resides in Indianapolis, where she teaches music and is finishing up her Master’s degree at Butler University in Piano Pedagogy. She can currently be seen, along with Deanna, with the blues-rock band Full Circle, and the dance band Zanna-Doo.

Ed Williams – Lead Guitar
Ed, an accomplished guitarist, has been playing for easily more than twenty-five years. He can be seen locally most often on Wednesday nights at The Slippery Noodle. Along with playing lead for Deanna, he has been seen in local bands such as, Full Circle, 3rd Degree, Blues Hound and Night Owls.

Art Haan – Drums, Background Vocals
Indy native, Art Haan has been playing professionally for over 15 years in Indy, Chicago and Bloomington. His background center’s primarily around straight-ahead Jazz but his love of funk has kept him playing in various Soul and R & B bands recently. Art has also been seen with Ed and Kathy in the band Full Circle.