What does freedom mean to you? What is the mental picture that you get when you think of that word?

I will share the picture that comes to my mind when I think about freedom, when I am lighting my tea light everyday while offering my prayers and intentions. I see me looking out of a plane window seeing the places below that I am excited to visit as we are about to land. Freedom to me is getting to go places, travel, do things with people I enjoy. Freedom to me means seeing new places and getting to soak in the beauty.

Here is a sculpture in the airport in NYC that feels like ….”where will I go next?”

What is your picture of freedom?

What ever that picture is for you, focus on it, do one thing everyday to either maintain your freedom or create it. Life is short. Doesn’t it go by in a blink?

When you clicked on the link in the first place, there was something that caught your eye, something that inspired you to want more. What was it? More freedom? More choices? More time? More things? or more breath taking experiences?

If you want to try the 21 steps to get there click here.

I have a couple of slots in my schedule this week for a brainstorming call. Would you like to schedule one? Message me and we will find the best time for you.

What one thing do you appreciate and admire about you today? The more you can love yourself the easier it will be to do nice things for yourself and those around you. 🙂

Many Blissings!


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