A Scam!?


I got the following email from a gentleman today about the 21 step opportunity and decided it was the most PERFECT thing to share with you today! ;-D

He said he didn’t like that you have to ‘pay first’ to get the 21 step program to make money on line and it seems like a scam.

Here is my response:

Mr. Jones, (of course I changed his name, isn’t that what they do in Hollywood to protect the innocent?)

Thanks for your message. I understand your concerns. However, I can tell you I am doing it and I am learning exactly what I need to know to market, not only the training for how to make money on line, but also my own products! I am super excited about what I am learning and this company has SO SO SO much material you can study to grow your business, your mind, and your future.

Here is the thing….there is not a single solitary business in the world that you can start without some collateral or money or asset to offer in the beginning. If you want to be a farmer you must buy your first seeds. If you want to be come a painter and work for yourself you have to buy the brushes, the ladders, the drop clothes, the truck, the insurance, the business license and name for your company. Maybe you even decide to get business cards, and some kind of marketing, …..flyers, networking meetings, or even driving around from house to house to get clients to pay you. All of this will take an investment – up front.

If you want to own a McDonalds you must have one Million $ to buy in and you have to pay for all the supplies up front every month. Furthermore, if you don’t follow their rules to the letter they can revoke your franchise and you don’t get a refund.

If you don’t want to pay $49 for the 21 step training AND a personal coach to help answer questions and guide you, you won’t want to pay for the marketing costs necessary to make sales. You have to pay facebook, twitter, google, bing, you tube, etc. to market your product to make money.

I hope this helps. If you don’t want the 21 steps I understand. No problem. If you don’t want to get my emails, just opt out at the very bottom of the message. If you want support I am happy to help you in any way, but you must develop a habit of investing time, energy and money in yourself, your business, your mindset and your future if you want anything in your life to change.

Many Blissings!


I just saw a video about Les Brown today and his meager beginnings. He made a habit of believing in himself, creating his dream, educating himself, and always believing in where he could go. He made it. He succeeded on many many levels. He says everyone of us can do it too. I believe him. 🙂

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