It all starts with you :)


I saw this on Instagram today and thought it a good idea to share with you.

This statement really reinforces the email I sent a couple days back about loving yourself first.

It really does start with you. When I was a little girl I remember a song we would sing at church that went, “Let there be peace on earth, let it begin with me, Let this be the moment now, With every step I take, Let this be my solemn vow, To take each moment, And live each moment, In peace eternally…..”

You are a light, you are like the spot where the stone was thrown into the pond, the ripples wave out from you. What kind of waves do you want to make?

I want to do more good in the world. I want to have the means and the time to help others freely. I like being generous. I want to feel good and healthy enough to participate fully in life and in the lives of my grandchildren and love ones. Being healthy takes money. Eating clean is more expensive than eating junk.

I am stepping up my mission to share my gifts and succeed in business and in my life. I study everyday. I watch training videos about Facebook, Instagram, Skype. I watch TED talks video to learn about people. I read articles about healing, emotionally and physically. I connect with folks in a mastermind group that are helping each other learn and I have a coach who is teaching me one on one.

The path to a successful business in NOT an over night jump. It is a dedication to a new you with little steps every day. Take a new step today.

What new habit could you start today, something small, that over time will help you be stronger, wiser, and more successful at who you want to become? Have you written down your dreams?

This online business training is helping me, step by step, become the person I want to be. I can see the changes in myself. If you want to try it I will be her to offer support and help in any way I can. Take a look for yourself. Click HERE.

If you would like to schedule a coaching session with me, send me a message and we will find a time. It’s free. It bring me joy to be of service.

Many Blissings,


Light an love to you. 🙂 Let’s talk more about love tomorrow.

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