If you used to be negative minded…..


A friend on facebook asked her community, “If you used to be a negative minded person and are not positive minded, what did you do to change?

First let me say, no matter how positive minded you are, there will be days that you don’t seem so to yourself or others. It happens, we are human. Here was my answer to her:

“Start with meditation for discipline of mind.”

The more you train your brain what you want to hear from it, the more it serves you instead of working against you. Many of us stumble due to old programming that was often given to us as children. You might have heard, “What is wrong with you?” or “You are bad!” or “You won’t ever amount to anything.” Those programs don’t help you do well, be any happier, or create success.

I went on to say, “Second commit to saying nice stuff to yourself in your mind, in the mirror, and when you feel like you have failed. The kinder and gentler you are to yourself, the kinder and gentler you can be with others.”

Pick one positive new thing to say to yourself over and over and over for the next couple of weeks and watch what happens. I started with something easy like, ‘I deserver every good thing that comes to me.’ Or ‘I deserve every good thing in store for me.’ Or ‘Things are always working out for me’. Pick something easy and believable yet a bit more positive, and nicer than you might usually say to yourself. 🙂

I finished with, “When you are kinder and gentler to others you are a more positive person.” Patience with yourself and others breeds compassion and that is certainly more positive. There is a verse that says, ‘Love thy neighbor as thy self.’ The problem is, if you don’t love yourself first, you can’t model to the world how they should treat you. Also, if you don’t love yourself you can never truly, deeply, love anyone else either. Love is so much more than attachment. Let’s talk about that tomorrow.

No matter what you do in your life, you will succeed better and bigger when you have strong, kind, supportive self talk. If you want the vehicle and instructions to make money online try this.

Let me know if you have any questions, or want to chat about your goals. If I can help I will.

Many blissings,


P.S. Oh, and The Four Agreements helps! Don’t take anything personally.
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